Frito Lay Doritos

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Doritos chips are known for their bold flavor. In 2013 it was time to move from bold flavor to bold action.We started by giving fans control over how bold our concerts got at the SXSW music festival.

We built the tallest, boldest stage at SXSW: a 62-foot-tall, functional Doritos vending machine powered by Tweets. The bold part? We gave fans control over how bold they wanted the concerts to get. No matter if you were at SXSW, on your phone anywhere or watching the live stream on Facebook or on Fuse TV, you could pick the acts, control the playlist and trigger bold special effects.

#BoldStage SXSW Recap

#BoldStage Case Study

World's First Live 360˚ Mobile Concert

Watching a live stream of a concert is never the same as being there. Until now. Two 360° live cameras put fans on stage with performers like LL COOL J and Public Enemy, or let them party with their friends in the crowd. The Doritos 360 app turned your phone into a remote control, letting fans everywhere decide what happened on the #BoldStage. Choose LL COOL J's opening act, control the playlist and encore songs, then trigger special effects from smoke to lasers to fire.

DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0003_Layer Comp 4
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0004_Layer Comp 5
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0006_Layer Comp 7
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0008_Layer Comp 9
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0013_Layer Comp 14
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0005_Layer Comp 6
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0012_Layer Comp 13
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0001_Layer Comp 2
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0010_Layer Comp 11
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0009_Layer Comp 10
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0007_Layer Comp 8
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0002_Layer Comp 3
DoritosBoldStage_PRStills_0011_Layer Comp 12

LL Cool J's #BoldStage Teaser

Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom
Creative Director / Copywriter: Niklas Lilja
Art Director: Shravan Hegdé