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Nobody cares about yet another car launch, except when you get to do it yourself. We asked the Internet to launch the Chevy Sonic by pushing it off a 100 ft. platform, and people went click crazy: 2.5 million clicks and nine hours later, the Sonic went bungee jumping over the edge—all live streamed on our site.

The idea revolved around building a 90-foot tall structure out of shipping containers to have a Chevy Sonic slowly get pushed off the edge using a gear system that inches forward based on clicks of viewers interacting with the stunt in real time.

Bungee Stunt Overview

Bungee Stunt Time Lapse

Behind the Bungee

Chevy_Bungee_0002_Layer Comp 3
Chevy_Bungee_0006_Layer Comp 7
Chevy_Bungee_0004_Layer Comp 5
Chevy_Bungee_0008_Layer Comp 9
Chevy_Bungee_0010_Layer Comp 11
Chevy_Bungee_0011_Layer Comp 12
Chevy_Bungee_0013_Layer Comp 14
Chevy_Bungee_0009_Layer Comp 10
Chevy_Bungee_0001_Layer Comp 2
Chevy_Bungee_0000_Layer Comp 1
Chevy_Bungee_0003_Layer Comp 4
Chevy_Bungee_0012_Layer Comp 13
Chevy_Bungee_0007_Layer Comp 8
Chevy_Bungee_0005_Layer Comp 6

Super Bowl XLVI Spot

Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom, Niklas Lilja
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Bancroft
Art Director: Javier Torok, Shravan Hegde
Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald