Goodby Silverstein & Partners

More action. More excitement. More Cheetos. Cheetos 2015 TV campaign gets bigger and cheesier as Chester Cheetah brings mischief and snacks to the table, campfire and grocery store.

Ranger Danger

The first rule of camping: bring a comfy sleeping bag. The second rule: don’t leave the Cheetos out overnight, unless you want some surprising company.

Aisle of No Return

Two families. One bag of Cheetos. Zero chances it ends without a clean-up on aisle 5.

Hide & Seek

When does a game of Hide & Seek become something much more serious? When a bag of Cheetos is on the line. And mom has access to night vision goggles.

ACD: Felipe Lima, Jon Wolanske
Art Director: Shravan Hegdé
Copywriter: Sarah Anderson