American Rivers

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Silver //
ADDY SF, 2013
Silver x2 // ADDY Regional Awards, 2013

Each year, billions of gallons of rain runs off water-impervious surfaces such as concrete, metal, and asphalt. The overwhelming amount of water is too much for sewers to handle, which results in rainwater mixing with waste, causing health threats, beach closures, habitat degradation and swimming and fishing advisories. To help combat this, American Rivers, has created green rooftops that can trap and filter storm water rather than allowing it to run into sewers. The roofs go beyond health and provide cost benefits to both people and businesses as they greatly reduce heating, cooling and repair expenses.

As part of the initiative, we created a new online tool from which lets individuals discover the benefits of installing green roofs on their homes and businesses. The 'Get More Green' tool, allows users to enter an address using Google Maps, and determine the square footage of a building’s roof. Users then get a customized look at the benefits of their green roof - including the annual estimated cost savings for heating, cooling, and roof repair, along with how much polluted runoff will be kept out of their local stream.

The campaign’s goal is to educate people and businesses on the benefits of green rooftops, and encourage them to put pressure on city/national leadership to implement more green rooftops.

Get More Green Tool & Site Overview

Creative Director/Copywriter: Niklas Lilja
Art Director: Karen Land, Shravan Hegdé